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Body design which can draw out the best sound of Cajon.

Body is made by high quality Japan birch.
Thickness of material is perfectly designed to avoid any waste of beating power and a high sound pressure level is guaranteed.
Adhesive technology of body is applied to transmit the vibration effectively.
Sound ball bass reflex structure is introduced to amplify the sound of bass.
The rounded edges are easy to beat and provide a pleasant sitting platform for performers.

Strings which provide the best sound expression.

8 strings are used to detect every sensible beat.
Each string can be tuned separately.


Variable function

Atmosphere of music can be changed quickly and easily by foot pedal

Sound of strings can be turned ON or OFF by foot during performance.Connection between beating board and strings can be arranged by stepping condition on the foot pedal, which brings a delicate sound performance.
The foot pedal can be set either on left or right side.Stepping angle can also be set whatever you like.Foot pedal can be stored inside the body.

Muting function

The sound on beating board can be muted by turning the back knob.
Lingered sound can be cut to give a perfect end of performance.
You can enjoy various patterns of sound by turning the back knob.


Chaany Variable-Walnut

79,800 JPY

Chaany Variable-Rosewood

81,800 JPY


SizeW300 x D300 x H450 mmW300 x D300 x H450 mm
WeightAround 5kgAround 5kg
Front beating boardFinland birch/Walnut veneer/Urethane coatingFinland birch/Rosewood veneer/Urethane coating
BodyJapan birch/Urethane coatingJapan birch/Urethane coating
Feature8-strings structure8-strings structure
FunctionON・OFF function of strings/Muting FunctionON・OFF function of strings/Muting Function

※Color of real products may be different with photos as every grain of wood is unique.
※Price and design may be changed without announcement in case of improvement of products are needed.

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